Negros Orientales Pride - Antulang Beach Resort

Negros Orientales Pride - Antulang Beach Resort

In the Philippines, Antulang Beach Resort was the first resort to offer pool villas to its guests. It offers first class rooms which simply mean that these rooms have their own jacuzzis. The luxury is breathtaking and the space is more than anyone expects! All rooms are made of Canadian pine forests blending with the natural beauty of the place. Antulang Beach Resort can be reached by buses taking a 45-minute journey from Dumaguete City, the Negros Oriental capital.

How to get there

Antulang Beach Resort is located in Siaton City, one hours drive from Dumaguete City. And if youre worried about how you get there, do not worry anymore! If you are a foreigner, there are three ways to get to Antulang Resort.

First, you must take a plan for Manila; The Philippines capital. When you are in the Philippines, especially in Manila, try to book for a flight to Dumaguete City or Negros Oriental. There are only two commercial airports in Negros Province. Its either in Dumaguete City for Negros Oriental and Bacolod City for Negros Occidental. Now, while in Manila, try to book for Antulang Beach Resort through its outlet; Just try the tourist office at the airport. Certainly they have all the numbers at all possible destinations for tourists. You are better dependent on tourism offices than taxi drivers because the Philippines focused more on tourism nowadays while taxi drivers just want to make money. But if you do not have enough time to book for Antulang Beach Resort, just fly to Negros Oriental or Dumaguete City; Its only an hour away from Manila through airplanes.

Secondly, if you arrive at the airport in Dumaguete City without booking at the Antulang Beach Resort, look for the tourist agency and ask about the resort number for booking. If not, you must take a pedicab to the bus terminal. The advantage of booking for Antulang is, first of all, there will be a van waiting for you at the airport to take you straight to the resort. You will know because it has a name on the town. But if you could not book, you must commute by bus.

Thirdly, the pedicab takes you to a Ceres bus station. Ceres Liner is the largest transport in Negros Province and you can always count on its services. Just try a bus that goes to Bayawan City; This is the final destination for the bus but it will pass through Siaton municipality. Just tell the conductor that you come to Antulang Beach Resort.

What can you expect in Antulang?

Antulang is a seaside resort. But not just a regular beach resort Its luxurious and designed to cater for the celebrities needs and tourists looking for a really good place to stay on a tour. So, expect a lot of it.

The very first thing you should expect is the beach itself. If there is one thing that Antulang is very proud of, it would be the beach. The white sand seemed to be a highlight of the clear blue sea. The beach is carefully cleaned every day by caregivers and since the resort is first class, nobody should run into the beach without being booked. So you can expect the beach to be exclusive for the guests. An important thing you should know about Antulang is that it is elevated and takes refuge on the top of the cliff. The spiral staircase takes you gently into the beach; and thats what makes the beach irresistible. Prove the sunset in Antulang is one of the most beautiful experiences you will encounter.

Antulang is also a good dive site. The shallow corals are incredibly beautiful to watch everyone prefer snorkeling and have a race match with beautiful butterfly fish, colorful clownfish, octopus and even eels. And for those who really want to explore deeper, they could watch manta rays and hawksbill turtles swim with elegance. Antulang Beach Resort also caters for night diving which would give an impression of diving in your own aquarium.

And for nature lovers, Antulang has as many fruit-bearing trees as you can enjoy. Some of the local trees include bayabas (wild guava), sereguelas and manzanitas that bear fruit throughout the year.

Apart from the local fruits, there are also local animals that you often experience to come as halo (lizard surveillance), tuko (geckos), kagang (sentinel crabs) and umang (hermit crabs).

Antulang Beach Resort has planned cruises for its guests to the most popular Apo Island and nearby Tambobu Bay. So if you really want to discover the hidden paradise, visit Antulang Beach Resort and you will surely know the difference!

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